#FridayFavorites “Olympic Allegations”

This week on #FridayFavorites we’re investigating allegations linked to Rio Athletes.

As the Olympics come to a close we are exploring some ridiculous claims that some of the Rio Athletes have been using performance enhancing substances. In truth, we’re just trying to come up with something silly to say, we love bring you our weekly sale items in a unique and goofy way. Stop by to watch us film #FridayFavorites every Wednesday at 3pm.

Make sure to check out the items on sale!

Items on Sale:
Bumble Bee chunk light tuna 2/$1.00
Lawry’s Marinades $.99
U. S. D. A. Choice Kobe Beef $11.59 per lb
Fresh Express Garden Salad mix $.99
Knorr side dishes $.89
Coors Light cans and Bottles $8.99

#Fridayfavorites “Turn anything into Candy!”

This week on #Fridayfavorites we show you how to turn anything into Candy!

After watching this video you will possess the power to turn anything into candy, which is awesome. Although you will have this super power, you might not want to use it on everything, lol.

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